Earlier, Iran had shipped 20 million barrels of oil and 2 million barrels of oil. 20 million barrels were stored in Dalian Port, and 2 million barrels wThe largest international crude oil producerere purchased to help Iranian oil exports after being exempted from 60,000 barrels per day. In addition, Kunlun Bank’s Iranian settlement business has been restarted, the oil settlement channel with Iran, and another bank will restart cooperation with Iran this month.

On the first day of the month, local time, US President Trump announced that he would impose tariffs of 25% and 0% on imported steel and aluminum, respectively. Last weekend, US Secretary of Commerce Ross said that the US government is expected to announce the details of the tariff plan this week or next.

Tonight at 2:5 dollars, longs need to pay attention to the speech of 208 FOMC voting committee and San Francisco Fed President Williams. Judging from recent speeches, Williams has supported raising interest rates to four times this year to prevent the economy from overheating. At the same time, he predicts that US inflation will rise above the Fed's 2% target this year, and maintain or exceed this target in the next two years. Investors can pay attention to whether the Fed's quasi-three figure will have more hawkish views tonight.

Russia and OPEC jointly cut production by 800,000 barrels per day last year. They said that this has basically brought the market back to balance and helped the index Brent crude oil prices approach a four-year high. Traders said that the higher oil prices brought about by the production reduction agreement and the increased production in the United States have made it difficult for Russia, Nigeria and other grades of crude oil to be sold in Europe.

In addition to gasoline and diesel fuel, crude oil is used for lubrication, and it is also used in textiles and clothing, fertilizers, road construction, and even cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Therefore, nuclear power, hydropower, and solar energy can partially replace the energy use of crude oil, but cannot replace the material use of crude oil.

In the context of thThe largest international crude oil producere slow recovery of the global economy, the future international oil prices will continue to rise without favorable support, but the chances of repeating the same mistakes and falling below $0 again are not high. The market is worried that the unexpected black swan incident will push the international crude oil market into an uncharted territory.

The U.S. dollar rebounded to the highest level of 999 in 208 years, approaching the 9 mark because investors continued to bet that rising U.S. interest rates would boost the U.S. dollar. Despite the lack of guidance from data and events on Monday, the market still has strong demand for the US dollar.

Looking back at the release date of the Fed's resolutions in the past five years, it is not difficult to find that the Fed's interest rate meeting in September was often one of the Fed's most important interest rate meeting that year. From the launch and termination of that year to the speculation of the first interest rate hike last year, the Fed’s previous major policy changes in recent years, even if not all final decisions were made in mid-September, are often seen by the market as a policy change in advance. Important window. In September of this year, the new suspense obviously still exists, and that is whether the Fed will take another step to raise interest rates after February last year.