According to Reuters, the global market share of crude oil futures doubled within two months of its launch, reaching 2% in mInternational Crude Oil Newsid-May. Over the same period, Brent crude oil was 26% and WTI was 62%. However, Platts also reminded that although the market generally believes that INE crude oil futures are successful so far, compared to mature international crude oil benchmarks, INE crude oil futures still appear to be relatively small in terms of trading volume and outstanding rights and interests. At present, there will be no impact on Brent crude oil and WTI.

In addition, the increase in US crude oil inventories has also put pressure on the market. Data show that in the week ending May 8th, US national commercial crude oil inventories increased by 5.8 million barrels, while the market had generally expected that inventories would decrease. However, based on economic fundamentals, some institutions are still optimistic about the outlook for oil prices. OPEC's oil production fell more than the original production cut plan, so the second and third quarters of global oil inventories are expected to be significantly reduced, which should promote the average Brent crude oil to rise to $80 in the third quarter. Societe Generale analysts said in the report.

For a beginner in spot crude oil investment, he must be good at learning and not rush to operate. If he wants to make money from investment, he needs crude oil investment skills that investors understand. The following four points are the spot crude oil investment skills that beginners must know. Hope that the following introduction can help more spot crude oil investment beginners. Investment skill 1: Respect the market and obey the trend. Respect for the market is to face the crude oil investment market objectively, and you cannot use your own prejudices to figure out the market. At least, when the market is different from our imagination, we should withdraw from the wait and see in time. Once the market trend is formed, it will go for a period of time, so we'd better choose band operation. Investment skill 2: Correct fund management. The crude oil investment market is big with small gains. You can make small losses many times, or you can earn many times, but if you have a big loss, it is easy to die. No matter how good the opportunity is in the future, it will not be the market. Investment must have good capital management, control your own position every time you make a transaction, and you will add weight when your judgment is correct, expand the results as much as possible, and get out of the wrong judgment in time. In this way, several large profits in a year are enough to make up for several small losses. And can achieve good profitability. Investment skill three: Limit losses and roll profits. You must pay attention to skills in everything you do. Using margin to make more money with each transaction is the biggest investment technique for crude oil. Therefore, investors should first develop a habit of stop loss in trading. I'm not afraid that the green hills I have left will run out of firewood. On the contrary, if there is a little bit of bliss, you will be courageous, and you will be safe. When the market continues to move in the original direction, you will often chase after it. Repeatedly, not only loses the watermelon, but also destroys yourself. Mentality. Investment skill 4: Learn to stop loss immediately. In a story, it is about a worker who was logging in the deep mountains. Unfortunately, his calf was broken by a thick tree trunk and he could not get out. He resolutely cut off the bloody leg bones with a chainsaw and crawled back to the tent. , Using the phone to ask for help saved his life. The same is true in spot crude oil investment. Most successful people know the experience of a strong man with a broken arm. Faced with a loss due to a wrong decision, they will cut off the loss position in time and start all over again before the loss expands. Spot crude oil investment skills that beginners must know are briefly introduced above. Spot crude oil investment is risky after all. Therefore, it is recommended that beginners use a demo account to try to invest before formal investment operations, and then actually operate after in-depth understanding of the market, thereby creating better conditions for profit.

But the situation in the United States is different. The US economy is close to full employment and has seen an increase in investment and consumer spending. But as a classic case of the law of unanticipated consequences, any benefits Americans get from Trump's tax cuts will soon be swallowed by the higher fuel prices caused by the President's tough measures against Iran.

After Trump took office, he continued to release signals to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement. He previously stated that the White House will cooperate with Congress to deal with a number of serious flaws in the nuclear agreement signed by the international community on July 4, 205 with Iran. He refused to formally confirm Iran’s compliance with the Iran nuclear agreement to Congress, but at the same time, he did not discuss at the international level the issue of Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal.

The three simple tricks of comprehensive K-line one-click access can not only analyze daily K-line, weekly K-line, monthly K-line and eInternational Crude Oil Newsven annual K-line, but also conduct research and judgment on two, three or even N K-lines. The former can be used simply, and the latter is to superimpose N K lines into one and then make judgment.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Michael will bring life-threatening storm surges and heavy rainfall to the northeastern Gulf of Mexico. Although it is currently predicted that the hurricane may not pass through the major oil production areas in the Gulf region, if the trajectory is changed, the impact on the oil market may expand.

The cancellation of the summit undermined the Trump administration’s hopes that a peace agreement could be reached as soon as possible to allow North Korea to abandon its nuclear and missile programs. This has left American allies and lawmakers in a frenzy to decide how to proceed best and try to understand how Trump wants to deal with negotiations in the future.

Case held a seminar in Vienna to discuss the OPEC NOPEC proposal. The company’s lawyers suggested that OPEC should avoid public discussion of crude oil prices, but should discuss the stability of the crude oil market. It was also suggested that OPEC seek diplomatic lobbying channels to prevent NOPEC from becoming law.

The Minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has also stated: In order to improve domestic air quality, my country will implement the National VI gasoline and diesel standards from January 209 to comprehensively improve oil quality! And starting from March 2020, my country will completely ban National V Four production, sales and licensing of automobiles,